Accountempts Monthly Newsletter – October

It’s time to take charge of your payroll career. Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned payroll professional, ongoing learning and training can help you get and stay ahead. The following professional development tips could help you flourish in this competitive and constantly evolving industry.

1. Get certified
Industry-recognized payroll certifications can boost your capabilities, credibility, and confidence, not to mention maximize your hiring and earning potential. Employees who hold a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) certification can earn five to 10 percent more than non-CPP holders, according to the Robert Half Salary Guide.

2. Step up your soft skills
Top-notch soft skills are the perfect complement to your technical abilities in this industry. Payroll professionals polled by the APA and Robert Half rated communication and confidentiality as the most valuable nontechnical skills they can possess. Here are some of the other top soft skills for the finance field:
• Trustworthiness
• Diversity
• Organization
• Problem-solving
• Flexibility
Whether through courses, seminars or self-help books, refining and demonstrating these traits will make a lasting impression on managers and potential employers.

3. Join an association
Reputable industry associations can offer lifelong learning at your own pace. Thousands of payroll professionals find these organizations valuable sources of information, motivation and support. A bona fide payroll association will guide you on industry advancements and requisites, and provide valuable professional development tips and resources.

4. See and be seen
Professional social networks can connect you with like-minded peers and mentors. Explore payroll communities on popular networks such as LinkedIn. Keep a fresh, focused profile and an open mind to finding fruitful relationships and revelations. Credible blogs and other online resources also offer the latest finance trends and great tips on how to become a better payroll professional.

5. Check out events and workshops
Payroll conferences and workshops can offer invigorating professional development and networking opportunities. If you can’t attend in person, webinars, forums, and virtual classes offer a convenient way to expand your knowledge and optimize career advancement.

“Be a lifelong learner” is not just a platitude. It has real implications for your present rôle and future ambitions. And after you internalize these professional development tips, put them to practice to further your finance career.

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