Accountemps Monthly Newsletter – May

The Daily Telecommute:

How Payroll Professionals Can Excel at Remote Work
A recent Accountemps survey showed 36 percent of CFOs polled reported an increase in remote work opportunities over the past three years at their firms. This is good news for payroll professionals who desire more flexibility. However, this perk comes with the responsibility of showing employers you’re just as productive and efficient from home as you are in-office. These five tips can help you make the most of remote work.

  1. Set a schedule

The increased flexibility of remote work makes it easy to procrastinate. Set a solid routine for each day to stay on top of tasks. By being disciplined, not only will you get all your work done on time, you’ll also show your boss that you’re trustworthy and self-motivated. Keeping a regular schedule provides career benefits whether you’re working from home or in the office. ou

  1. Keep regular office hours

Just because you can telecommute doesn’t mean you can set your own hours. You need to be available for questions and collaboration, so start and stop each day around the same time as your boss and colleagues. If you need to be away for a large chunk of time, inform your team so they won’t wonder why you’re not responding to messages.

  1. Be visible

Because your manager and coworkers can’t see you, you have to be proactive about letting them know you’re active and engaged. In practical terms, speak up during staff meetings and conference calls and ask questions when appropriate. If you don’t have one-on-ones scheduled with your boss, suggest regular check-in meetings.

  1. Take advantage of technology

The trend that has made telecommuting possible is technology. If you’re not already, make the most of remote work by using appropriate technology. In addition to email and phone, there are many apps and services — HipChat, Basecamp, Google Hangouts and Teambox, for example — that connect remote workforces. Tech tools allow you to be more productive and collaborative. You’ll also feel less like a loner when you’re connected virtually.

  1. Get in some face time

Though you telecommute, you should still go into the office regularly. Be there in person for major meetings, company-wide events and performance reviews. Don’t forget social outings. A little face time is essential for making sure you’re not “out of sight, out of mind.”

The ability to telecommute can offer payroll professionals better work-life balance and greater career satisfaction. Do it right, and your career will stay on the fast track.

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